Spiritual Innovations

We can re-convey Jesus to this generation.
Together, we can tell a story that can steer the
culture back to what matters most.

Discover these 4 markers for a broad platform to re-convey Jesus to your city:



Momentum is where we are awakened to
more of what God is doing in our world.
The vision is to formulate a relational
network in your city like you have never
seen before, with a culture-transforming
plan. We resolve to work together. All
of this is rooted in making an effort to
stay in sync with Jesus—personally
and corporately.



Moments is where we as individuals
take personal responsibility and
churches work together to experience
powerful moments of spiritual transfor-
mation, resulting in lives changed all
over the city. Groundbreaking moments
are setting the stage for real evangelism opportunities. Christ-followers are
having better spiritual conversations
throughout the city—in coffee shops,
workplaces, church buildings, campuses
and stadiums. Moments of spiritual


What We Do

Spiritual Innovations conveys the message of faith into current culture in a way that inspires and invites - communicating a message of radical transformation throughout cities with clarity, imagination and passion.




Movement is where we kick-off a huge
plan to reach your city. The relational
network of pastors, workplace leaders
and intercessors work together to form
an army across the city with a single
vision. Both events and processes become
a part of catalyzing and changing people.




Message is when this relational network
of leaders are conveying the message of
Christ in culture. The simple goal of
making Jesus famous and seeing him included
in the conversation of culture again to
see Jesus’ life, message and name become
the conversation people talk about.



Whisper is a movement to inspire better spiritual conversations. A programatic, integrated campaign designed to equip the church to be the clearest and most relevant voice in the room. With a radical media play, Whisper gives way to a movement platform that churches can use for outreach. Sermon series on singular, topical, cultural issues can to be used weekly, reinforced by small group curriculum, etc... Whisper empowers the church to “be” the church.